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***Intro*** *** *** *** *** 9:00 PM
Dom F Scab Fears And Poetry   Necessary Fears Spain 9:09
Dom F Scab One Of The Most Expected Mistakes   Necessary Fears Spain 4:25
Dom F Scab Messege Of Missing Birds   Facta Spain 5:43
Dom F Scab Rescue Of Hope   Facta Spain 4:47
Dom F Scab Dream Of Freedom   Facta Spain 7:29
Dom F Scab Old Prophecy   About A Tree Spain 10:02
Dom F Scab Abandoned Pieces   About A Tree Spain 4:24
Dom F Scab Zero And One   Binary Secrets Spain 4:24
Dom F Scab The Peaches Are Skiing In The Shade   Binary Secrets Spain 5:05
*** *** *** *** *** 9:55PM
Johan Gielen Dreamchild 1 For You Belgium 6:44
Ridgewalkers Find (Andy Moore remix) 2 For You Ireland 5:36
Ridgewalkers Find (Slum Angel remix)     Ireland 5:18
FMS Fracture 4   Sweden 7:29
Artifex untitled     Holland 6:28
*** *** *** *** *** 10:28 PM
Tangerine Dream Ça Va-Ça Marche-Ça Ira Encore B01 Rocking Mars Germany 5:59
Tangerine Dream Astrophobia B02 Rocking Mars Germany 10:00
Tangerine Dream Tharsis Manuever B03 Rocking Mars Germany 4:59
Tangerine Dream Outland B04 Rocking Mars Germany 10:06
***Outro*** *** *** *** *** 11:00 PM