playlist for April 11, 2021
JoeyTapes arrow     USA 2:58
***Intro*** *** *** *** *** 8:03PM
LoveKrafty cold sunshine 7 Cold Sunshine England 4:57
Andra Butler LoveKrafty speaks     England 0:56
LoveKrafty up 5 Bloodstar England 3:00
Duncan MacFarland speaking about KXLU     USA 1:24
Ringhausen ppg hypnotika (plex choir) 5 More Germany 4:55
Uli Ringhausen on supporting KXLU (auf Deutsch)     Germany 0:36
Jim Ottaway sequence of life 1 Timeless E-Motion Australia 4:01
Jim Ottaway what KXLU means to artists     Australia 0:34
Jim Ottaway between truth and dreams 9 When Eternity Touches Time Australia 4:08
Fritz Mayr space voices 12 Spiral Galaxy Austria 3:56
Fritz Mayr grateful for KXLU     Austria 0:34
Hollan Holmes malus 4 A Distant Light USA 4:55
Hollan Holmes return some love to KXLU     USA 0:54
Hollan Holmes the eternal cosmos 9 The Spirits Of Starlight USA 8:03
*** *** *** *** *** 8:38PM
Horizonte de Sucesos tormenta de arena 4 Bocetos Vol. 2 Argentina 3:11
Marco Roberti gratitude for KXLU playing his music     Argentina 3:58
Horizonte de Sucesos espiritus de cerro blanco 8 Bocetos Vol. 1 Argentina 4:40
Marco Roberti gracias por KXLU (en español)     Argentina 3:36
Horizonte de Sucesos los valles secos 10 Antarktikós Argentina 7:12
Mike Cars please pledge to KXLU     Canada 1:44
Altus until we meet again 7 Trailhead Canada 8:30
Phil Williams memories of playing on KXLU; how it helps artists     USA 2:00
Mario Schönwälder force down 2 Musique Intemporelle Germany 5:00
Mario Schönwälder KXLU offers the best synth music     Germany 0:16
*** *** *** *** *** 9:12PM
George Sarah for its support of musicians, donate to KXLU     USA 4:12
George Sarah lament 7 Who Sleep the Sleep of Peace USA 3:21
George Sarah any and all donations help KXLU     USA 2:17
George Sarah ours 7 Dark Cinema USA 3:57
George Sarah donate to KXLU because its shows discover new artists     USA 2:17
George Sarah when I sleep 10 Agagio USA 6:22
George Sarah programs on KXLU offer so much     USA 2:17
George Sarah Josephine   Vicissitudes USA 4:50
Dean DeBenedictis discovering unique synth music on KXLU     USA 4:59
Surface 10 Edgar and the Mojave     USA 4:50
Dean DeBenedictis KXLU and its DJs inspire listeners to become artists     USA 1:18
Surface 10 for Grace's sake     USA 4:03
Dean DeBenedictis KXLU's programs open up a whole new world of music     USA 3:22
Surface 10 last south rim house track     USA 3:00
***Outro*** *** *** *** *** 10:00PM