Artists can submit their work to Alien Air Music for radio airplay or video simulcast/webcast consideration.  E-mail is quickest.

Hear yourself speak on my FundRazor program that will be broadcast on Sunday, April 16, from 8-10pm (PST)
  • Record on a mobile device, desktop or laptop
  • MP3, M4A or AIFF formats are acceptable
  • Say what you enjoy about Alien Air Music
  • Include why it's important to support the station
  • If you wish, mention other shows you like on KXLU
  • Feel free to add any personal notes about the impact Alien Air Music & KXLU have on you
  • Send your comments as an attachment to my email address
  • Email services can limit file attachments anywhere from to 16MB-25MB; use WeTransfer if yours is larger
  • Get them to me no later than Sunday, April 9 because our shows are submitted a week in advance

    E-MAIL (for artists)
  • Use the following format for tracks when sending an entire release: {artist name} - {release title} {track number} + {track name} .mp3
  • Most video formats including FLV are acceptable
  • ZIP or RAR format multiple music/video files into a single file when possible
  • Cover art will be used on the homepage to promote artists in advance of airplay
  • The easiest and most efficient site I've found for file transfers is WeTransfer (up to 2GB)

    KXLU c/o Loyola Marymount University
    7900 Loyola Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    Attention: Alien Air Music

    Contact me via email to verify receipt of any package sent

    E-MAIL (for concert & show announcements)
  • Submit text in HTML format for quickest upload
  • Allow for advanced notice because my shows are currently pre-recorded at least two weeks ahead of broadcast time
  • Any cover art included will be used on the homepage to promote artists